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For more than 18 years, William Storkson has been performing, composing, recording, and engineering music and sound design for a variety of media. In 1999, he founded AudioSFX after leaving Lucasfilm THX to create the ultimate one-stop shop for post production sound.

Being both a composer and sound designer, a hybrid evolution into sound creation was forged. From flash animation to feature film, Storkson delivers unique and vibrant sound design to each and every project.

In the music world, Storkson and AudioSFX have been producing, recording, and writing constantly, from metal to reggae and classical to hip hop. This includes feature film scores, commercials, industrials and music from dark emotional soundscapes to Middle Eastern-influenced themes.

With more than a dozen feature films and dozens of short films and commercials, Storkson's AudioSFX has become a strong competitor in the sound business, choosing quality of content over quantity. Several AudioSFX projects have ended up as Sundance festival screenings and selections as well as garnering major distribution deals.

Several projects AudioSFX and Storkson have been involved with have recieved Academy Awards.

From music to sound design, production to composition Audiosfx and William Storkson continue to strive to break new ground and offer audio expertise to all projects.