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Stereo & Multi-channel Mixing

There is a reason we have been involved with so many projects: our extensive knowledge of audio formats, sound design, dialog, and music make for an ideal one stop shop.

We have mixed an enormous variety of projects, from live action feature films to video games, as well as stereo and surround music for theatrical and home listening.

Delivery formats have included print masters for Dolby Digital encoding, low-resolution video game effects, DTS-encoded 5.1 music masters and more.



Music Composition

The principle composers at AudioSFX have a combined total of over 30 years experience, and over a dozen albums recorded and distributed. We specialize in all different areas, guaranteeing the right musical approach for your needs.
Field Recording

Our sound designers pride themselves in providing the highest quality product available. This concept extends to the originality of our work, always collecting new source material with every project.



Remote Multi-track Recording

With the advent of the DAW, we have proven advantageous in providing affordable remote recording.

In addition to high quality stereo recording, we offer fully portable Pro Tools systems, capable of recording 24 tracks at 24 bit / 96 kHz resolution. We offer a full complement of microphones, stands, cabling, and pre-amplification to allow a complex, multi-instrumental group to be captured the way they play best — live.



Voiceover & ADR

AudioSFX offers voice recording for any project. Our high quality microphones and preamps, excellent room acoustics and experience in dialog editing makes us a facility of choice.

We have experienced in-house engineers, voice directors, plus a rolodex of voiceover talent to choose from.

Whether you have the voice talent and director in mind, or you come prepared with only a script in-hand, we can deliver high quality dialog recording for any project.



Sound Design

Making your soundscape unique and interesting is what we are all about. Everybody has the same CD libraries of sound effects — which are useful for fast turnaround, low budget, get-it-done-now applications. But at AudioSFX, we pride ourselves on giving your project a fresh and different approach. We record custom backgrounds and new raw sound materials for every project. Our full array of ‘sound mangling’ devices include samplers, synthesizers, software packages / plug-ins, and high-quality outboard signal processors.



Acoustical, Multi-channel, & Pro Tools Consulting

William Storkson is a THX and Dolby certified consultant, and an all around expert in the field of acoustics and multi-channel systems. He has calibrated hundreds of theaters for the world premiere of “Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace”, and collected extensive research into room acoustics and multi-channel architectures.

The audio world has moved rapidly into 5.1 surround sound. If you are ready to go there, but don't have the expertise on hand — call us. We will analyze, specify, install, calibrate, and turn your stereo environment into a 5.1 surround room within your time and budget constraints.

Evolving into surround sound can be a difficult and thorny proposition, but we can help eliminate the confusion and get you up and running quickly and reliably.

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